"I’ve worked twice with Camilla–––once for a sports injury and once for a bad flu. Both times, Camilla’s approach combining sound and touch–––a kind of co-creative choreography–––proved to be the perfect formula for a sure and steady healing of my body, and also of mind and spirit. Camilla’s gentle demeanor and deep knowledge opens the way for transformative light and restorative energy to enter. Almost instantly, I felt better and before I knew it, was better. Camilla works wonders!" ~Dr. Joan D. (2012)


"The brilliance of Camilla is her ability to allow the body to create its own shift. Camilla has the gift of every true healer, to facilitate the body as it becomes its own medicine. She gently guides her clients into their own Power. It is very profound. I highly recommend a session with this gifted practitioner.” ~Kai K. (2010)


"Our experience with Camilla involved a group of five lady friends. She made a home visit for Acutonics and Massage. We found her kind, caring, gentle and amazingly tuned into each of our individual needs. We were left feeling happy, peaceful and restful. The Acutonics experience was an extraordinary addition to a massage, expanding traditional benefits. We highly recommend scheduling sessions with Camilla." ~Five Windham Teachers (2018)


"Camilla is someone whose presence is light and her healing is deep.  She is a truly unique and powerful being meant to raise the energy of not only her surroundings, but all those with whom she comes into contact.  I have experienced her healings, not only energy work, Cranial-Sacral therapy but Acutonics® as well.  What was most astounding to me was that only after the sessions with Camilla did I realize how far off-balance and out of balance I had been living by the incredible change in how my bodymind felt. I was deeply impressed with her work." ~Luke K. (2011)


 "Camilla is an extraordinarily gifted healer.  I was fortunate to work with her at a time when I was undergoing an energetic metamorphosis.  With her help I was able to make substantial progress with blockages that I had been working with for years.  In these sessions, I experienced her ability to generate a high frequency of healing energy through her level of attention and the clarity of her intuitive connection, all within the temple-like environment that she creates.  Camilla's vast experiential background has contributed to her ability to facilitate the healing process in a balanced way - one that empowers the client in their abilities to self-heal." ~Emily S.  (2011)


"On an ordinary afternoon a rather ordinary person like me got to experience something not so ordinary! Camilla has an amazingly strong, but gentle touch. She "read" my needs. I have never felt so far away yet so grounded, to feel such peace within yourself and the world is a gift." ~Ella P. (2017)

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