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Camilla Alexander has been a massage therapist since 2004. She studied at the Mendocino School of Massage Therapy and Advanced Healing Arts in Redwoodvally, California and the Boulder College of Massage Therapy. Her approach to massage is firm and gentle. She practices the following branches of massage therapy, drawing on each one as it is appropriate and most beneficial for your bodywork needs. 

Integrative Massage ~ a holistic style massage therapy that works to support the integration of body/mind/spirit by supporting the principle that these aspects of ourself are not separate and only are perceived to be that way at times. By integrating them with awareness, we cultivate a sense of greater wholeness, peace and balance in our lives.  

Myofascialsuperfical Release (MFR) ~ works to release holding patterns in the fascia that encases each muscle belly and intricately weaves connects the body into a unified whole. Similar, though not the same as Rolfing and Structural Integration, MFR serves to theraputically unwind bound connective tissue patterns and support the integrity of our structural alignment & posture.    

Deep Tissue ~ is essentially that, deep tissue massage -to really address those aches and pains that seem to get 'brushed over' during more superficial massage therapy sessions. 

Treatment Oriented Massage for Chronic Pain or Injury Recovery ~ massage therapy can be much more than a relaxing reprieve from life for an hour or so. Treatment oriented massage therapy is effective for recent injuries, chronic areas of pain, and older injuries that have not yet fully recovered. Massage therapy can support one's healing and recovery process by increasing blood flow to scar tissue, reducing inflammation, supporting the immune system's ability to detoxify after medications have been used, and support healthy nervous system regulation -calming the mind and easing the recovery process. Some specific techniques used include: Trigger Point Therapy (TPT), Myofacial Release (MFR), Orthopedic, neuromuscular therapy, and normalization of soft tissue (NST). Recommended for shoulder/rotator cuff injuries, low back pain/injuries, knee & and neck pain or injuries, TMJD, scoliosis, kyphosis and lordosis. 

Sports Massage ~ for pre or post sports events. Sports massage is recommended before an event to increase performance and after an event to reduce recovery time and ease inflammation and sore muscles. It supports the athlete by increasing healthy blood flow to muscles and tendons, increasing the range of motion in joints that have become tight and achy, and supporting pre-event  

Swedish Massage ~has commonly become known as 'relaxation massage'. It incorporates several soothing and nourishing techniques that serve to ease and sooth the body into relaxation. 

Reflexology ~is a relaxing and invigorating form of massage that addresses the whole body through the feet. By releasing congestion and knots on the bottom, sides and tops of the feet, corresponding areas of the body are encouraged to release. This is a wonderful technique to use on its own, or when an part of the body is too tender or injured to work on directly. 

Prenatal and Postpartum Massage ~pregnancy is often thought of as the time between conception and birth, but this sacred time extends several months-to a year after her baby is born (during the postpartum period).  Informed, nurturing, therapeutic touch for a woman during any stage of her pregnancy can support her to feel more comfortable and relaxed in her changing body, as well as ease low back pain, neck pain and general achy muscles. 

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