Acutonics Sound Healing


A felt-sense sonic experience of the Music of the Spheres


Acutonics draws on the healing benefits of sound and the nourishing cyclical wisdom of astrology by applying planetary tuning forks to corresponding areas of the body. Tuning forks encourage balance, sooth the subtle body and boost Nitric Oxide* production (a naturally occurring chemical found throughout the body which expedites cellular healing and supports healthy brain functioning.

Astrology could be described as a study of the movements and positions of the planets in our solar system and their influence on  Life on Earth. By combining the art and science of astrology with the healing benefits of sound, Acutonics provides an embodied, felt-sense of this intricate relationship we share between ourselves, vibration (via sound in an audible HZ range for us) and the cosmos.

Before an Acutonics session, your practitioner may prepare your astrological birth cart to further support your session.  You will need to provide:

 your birth hour/minute, date, City, State and country.

During your session, you will lay clothed and comfortable on a massage table while your practitioner sounds tuning forks around your ears and places them on meridian points and and energy centers along your torso, arms, legs, and back. 

Acutonics can also be incorporated into your massage, upon request. If you would like this combination, please request it upon booking so that your practitioner can have the tuning forks prepared. This is such a lovely way to experience the enlivening sound vibrations -between layers of therapeutic massage. 


*To read more about Nitric Oxide and sound healing, please read the research of  John Beaulieu at


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